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1. current battery technology is using cobalt and not the car itself. However, this is rapidly changing (https://www.wired.com/story/this-cobalt-free-battery-is-good-for-the-planet-and-it-actually-works/) and there is a plethroa of new battery tech out there, so this is just a question of time. BUT also, it's still much much better in terms of energy policy than extracting brent or gas, transport that in dirty trucks, refine that in dirty refineries and then distribute it to gas stations so we can burn the gasoline in our cars. Think about that madness!

2. Where is the Elon Musk of "mass public transport". And your…

Source: Star Trek

Every couple of years there is some reporting of UFO activity which is typically followed by the question: Is there intelligent extraterrestrial life? Like many, I have been thinking about this very subject since I was a teenager, and I am finally able to conclude (or rather put down on paper) the following answer: “it doesn’t matter”.

Why would I say that? Is it maybe because the question is wrong? No, it is a perfectly reasonable question to ask if there is intelligent extraterrestrial life and there is a mountain of thought experiments on this exact topic, such as the…

Source: marketingweek.com

Christmas did come early for us last year in the form of a brand new M1 Mac Mini that has replaced an ageing iMac. I made my concerns around Apple’s ecosystem vocal (here and here) and I still stand by that. However, I think Apple is (almost) single handedly changing the computing landscape as we know it with these new chips — or rather, it is the first personal computer manufacture to do so (I am not counting Microsoft’s half-hearted attempts — Apple is all-in).

There has been a quiet revolution happening with Arm chips and more recently with RISC-V

Source: https://thenextweb.com/plugged/2020/06/19/heres-how-developers-think-apple-will-handle-macs-switch-from-intel-to-arm/

I’m still following Apple and developments in hardware and software in general as it is still somewhat of a hobby of mine (having started my professional career developing on NeXT). Even after I have given Apple bad grades here and here, I think yesterday’s announcement that Apple is moving to their own Arm chips, is something that had long been coming and I think it will potentially alter the computing landscape. While I’m certainly no longer able to have insight knowledge or even be able to follow the last development in chip design, I do believe in phases or cycles…

Source: Valve Corporation

We have been toying with VR for like the last two years. And we got some interesting experiences out of VR, for example, BeatSaber has become my exercise routine. However, so far, I have not seen anything that would have given me this “wow” experience that VR had always promised. BeatSaber is great, I absolutely love it, but it is a one-dimensional experience that is akin to something you would play at the Arcades. In short, not unlike Space Invaders, just a lot more physically demanding.

So here comes Alyx — Alyx is a prequel or sequel (I am not…

Source: Ready Playe One; a Warner Bros. Picture

Yes, there’s so much speculation as to what our medium- and long-term future might look like in a post-COVID19 world. If you read the newspapers and magazines (here, here, and here) you will have noticed that most reports talk about a delay of 18 months until we have a working vaccine. You can probably add another six months to that number until the production and distribution have scaled up; and then of course there are still questionmarks around herd-immunity and how long one stays immune after having built-up antibodies. In summary: we’ll be wearing masks for at least another two…

source: nicepng.com

I’ve been looking at distributed ledger technology since 2012; I’ve tried to mine bitcoins and ethereum; I’ve made several bets, participated in ICOs and tried to comprehend some of the underlying mechanisms. After seven years, I figured I would summarize what I see most investors, innovators and entrepreneurs get wrong about this technology.

1. Comparing it to the Internet (as the next big thing)

The Internet was not something “new” in every sense of the word. But It linked the underlying computer base and in fact existing LAN networks together into one super wide area network. The origins are from…

(written on a Microsoft surface)

Something exciting happened in the personal computing domain of the early 90’s: the GO corporation launched their PenPoint OS. The computer industry had just adopted the graphical user interface — inspired by Xerox, brought to market by Apple and copied by Microsoft — this was the way how we would use computers from now on. Fueled by this magic, visionaries (among them Robert Carr) already saw the next logical evolution in the user input interfaces: the pen!

The promise of using a pen to interact with the computer was tempting to the point where Microsoft saw its nascent monopoly challenged…

I read the Wallstreet Journal story about the unveiling of Huawei’s “new” HarmonyOs and felt that a couple of points were “conveniently” left out of the reporting.

So, yes HarmonyOs is a new microkernel design that aims to supersede the current Linux kernel in Android OS, however, that doesn’t mean it can’t run Android apps. In fact, porting existing Android apps over is in the best case a simple recompile. In the worst case it’s probably stripping out any Google dependencies. But even that can be helped if Huawei is smart enough to provide its own “Google Mobile Service” layer…

Every time I watch a car review that includes a Tesla somewhere, it is always fascinating how the reviewers react. They try hard to compartmentalize the Tesla into their existing matrix and scorecards of what makes a good car. I sometimes roll my eyes when the subject of materials, build quality and range come up. Obviously, these things matter for car people — but what should also be discussed and what reviewers generally do not grasp is that Tesla changed forever the way we look at cars. …

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